Jointing and Termination

CEI is your trusted partner for seamless cable jointing and termination services.

Cable Jointing and Termination: Ensuring Reliable Connections for Low and High Voltage Cables



CEI is your trusted partner for seamless cable jointing and termination services. Our expertise lies in creating reliable connections for both low voltage and high voltage cables, ensuring uninterrupted power transmission and optimal performance. Learn more about how our cable jointing solutions can elevate your infrastructure’s reliability.

We operate as a service local provider who takes pride in providing reliable, fast and high-quality electrical services.

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The Crichton Industrial Guarantee

All work provided meet the standards set by our regulatory body; Master Electricians Australia.

We can assist with all your Jointing and termination needs.

Low Voltage Cable Jointing

At CEI, we specialize in low voltage cable jointing services that cater to residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Our team utilizes cutting-edge insulation and sealing technologies to safeguard against moisture and maintain insulation integrity.

We offer a range of connector types, including compression connectors and crimp connectors, tailored to your specific requirements. With a keen understanding of environmental factors, we ensure that our joints withstand temperature variations and mechanical stress.

High Voltage Cable Jointing

Power distribution networks and industrial setups demand high voltage cable jointing of the highest caliber. Our team meticulously prepare cable ends, implement multi-layered insulation, and employ advanced shielding techniques to manage electric field stress.

Rigorous testing, including partial discharge and high voltage withstand tests, ensures that our joints exceed industry standards and deliver uncompromising performance.

Why Proper Cable Jointing Matters

At CEI, we comprehend the critical role cable jointing and termination play in maintaining uninterrupted power flow and public safety. Faulty joints can result in power losses, overheating, and hazards, while proficient joints enhance infrastructure resilience.

Our services not only guarantee reliable connections but also adhere to the highest safety standards, minimizing risks to personnel and equipment.

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