Electrical Testing & Verification


A fully accredited inspection undertaken by our team to confirm compliance with several safety installation requirements.

Thorough Electrical Testing Electricians

New Equipment Commissioning

At Crichton Industrial, we pride ourselves in having developed a sought-after network of suppliers who grant us access to their state-of-the-art equipment that will help streamline and support our verification efforts and actively improve your plant automation systems.

Hazardous Area Equipment Inspection

During our expansive hazardous area inspection, we will actively indicate areas of concern, propose recommended solutions and outline several key tools and installations that will help spearhead necessary corrective action that will minimise future risks.

Critical Device Function Testing/SIF Testing

This is a critical lifecycle task that is completed with the intention of identifying, tracking, repairing, and maintaining all safety instrumented functions (SIF). This is done through three critical elements including the logic solver, sensor functioning, and the final analysis.

Comprehensive Fire & Gas Detector Testing

During our verification process, our licensed technicians will undergo a non-negotiable fire and gas detection testing program. This service ensures that all faults, code violations, and structural errors adhere to our installation protocols and terminate the risk of fire and/or gas leaks.